It's a good day to recognize a good deed from a good guy. This post is made in celebration of character, courage, and unconditional camaraderie.

A few weeks ago, Andrew - a beloved participant at Extra Awesome - found support in his fight against leukaemia through his close friend, Josh Ehrlich. After three years of bonding, the two have become a powerhouse of fun - as both seem to always share the laughter in the room. It seemed only fit that they would also share the same haircut.

To show support and match his pal's new 'do,' Josh decided to shave off his hair and donate the locks to the Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Campaign. After this sheer act of friendship, it's no wonder that we received numerous nominations on his behalf for Student Of The Week.

So thank you, Josh, for a friendly reminder that it's always nice to have someone to lean on. As one of the nominations very accurately points out, you are "an amazing human being."

Congratulations, Josh!

29/09/2017 - Josh (left) standing right by his contagiously-happy pal, Andrew.