Equity and Wellness

Starting in 2016, the Equity and Wellness Committee is comprised of PHE/KIN students who strive to have their voices heard about prevalent issues on campus and around the world such as mental health, sexual violence, inclusivity, and beyond!

Look out for awesome events throughout the year promoting mental health, wellbeing, fitness, as well as resources in and around campus that students can reach out to in their time of need. 

Extra Awesome

Working alongside the Down Syndrome Association of Kingston (DSAK), Extra Awesome provides academic support and physical activity for Kingston youth with disabilities.

The academic component offers one-on-one tutoring, reading, verbal skill support, and overall academic assistance. The athletic component of the program offers both sport instruction and fine/gross motor skill activities, depending on the individual capabilities of the children. 


Generocksity is a CRA-registered, student-run, and non-profit organization dedicated to educating young adults on the importance of philanthropy and how easily it can be integrated into their daily lives.

To help young adults become more engaged in philanthropic endeavours and develop lifetime habits of giving, this student-run organization has developed a 5-pronged approach: Good Times Charity Events, Good Deeds Volunteering Trips, Educational Workshops, Consulting, and Philanthropy Databases.

Tommy's Overtime

Beginning in 2015, Overtime is a monthly gathering for individuals in the PHE/KIN program to take a break from school work, socialize with their peers, and meet new people in all years of our program! With discounted food platters, themed drinks, contest and raffle prizes - what more could you ask for?

It is held at none other than Tommy's so be sure to come out and enjoy the PHE/KIN family and the best atmosphere on campus!


Since its inception in 2002, Motionball has raised more than $5,000,000 for Special Olympics Canada. Queen's is the first official University chapter for the non-profit organization, which raised approximately $10,000 in 2016 alone.

Its mission is to plan integrated sporting events, creating relevant and meaningful experiences that help put the fun back into giving.

Raise The Bar

As a student-run organization, Raise The Bar seeks to connect the dots between all resources of health (ie. mental, physical, sexual, etc) and provide a more wholesome support for students at Queen's University.

By providing the tips, tricks, and content needed to support this holistic view of health, students may then be able to 'raise the bar' for their own health standards and create a brighter future.


Founded in 2009, SwimAbility is a non-profit student initiative that aims to provide the organizational and logistical support necessary to facilitate the opening and operation of its programs across Canada. These chapters provide affordable and accessible one-on-one swimming instruction to children with specific needs.

Injury prevention is addressed by providing lessons specifically targeted and adapted to those children at highest risk of drowning in Canada. By using innovative techniques to dramatically cut operating expenses, as well as by actively fundraising, this initiative can offer private swimming instruction at an affordable rate even to those living under the poverty line. 


Since 1991, the Winter Adapted Games (WAG) has benefited both Queen’s students and the members of the Kingston community. Hosted in January, it is a fun-filled day of non-competitive games and activities for individuals who have an identified disability. In keeping with the goal of a more accepting society, it is an inclusive event for individuals of all ages who might otherwise miss out on opportunities for physical activity.

Organized by the SKHS and the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen’s students are increasingly encouraged by the shining abilities demonstrated by WAG participants. Though WAG occurs only once a year, its organizers seek to provide the motivation and confidence to pursue physical activity elsewhere.