PHEKSA has a long tradition of representing PHE and KIN students within the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies (SKHS), going back to the first graduating class of 1950.  A voting member of the Alma Mater Society (AMS), which is the oldest student association in Canada (established 1858), it has a strong history of supporting students from orientation to graduation. We would also like to acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee Peoples.

the council

The Council acts as a voting body for all Assembly, General, and Special Council Meetings of PHEKSA, while still adhering to the same general responsibilities of The Assembly. The positions of The Council shall consist of the following:


the president

The president represents the best interests of the students of both Kinesiology and Physical  Health Education. This role involves overseeing the advancement of PHEKSA, working alongside with the VPOPS and VPUA to ensure the best opportunities for students. Likewise, the president shall represent students at the Alma Mater Society Assembly, and act as a liaison between students, faculty and administration.


The vice-president of University Affairs (VPUA)

The VPUA meets with SKHS Administration and student leaders across the University, as well as oversee half of the assembly members - ensuring that they have the support they need to fulfill the responsibilities of their role.


The Vice-President of Operations (VPOPS)

The VPOPS oversees all internal commissions within PHEKSA and works closely with the Finance Commissioner for the PHEKSA accounts and budgets. The VPOPS also works closely with the PHE/KIN Orientation Committee (PKOC) and assists in orientation week hiring.


internal affairs commissioneR (IAC)

The IAC is the neutral mediator of PHEKSA Council meetings, organizes and advertises elections, and fairly applies the PHEKSA Constitution when necessary. At meetings, it is important for the IAC to facilitate a respectful and structured environment for all, while ensuring there is still some joy and fun involved.


finance commissioner

The Finance Commissioner ensures transparency throughout all PHEKSA sanctioned events and aims for all events to be run as close to cost as possible in order to promote accessibility for our students. The Finance Commissioner also chairs the PHEKSA Grant Selection Committee, the Better Equipment Fund Committee, as well as work with the Third Year Representatives for the financing of PHEORMAL.


academic commissioners

The Jr. and Sr. Academics Commissioners serve as a connection between PHEKSA, SKHS faculty, the student body and prospective students on subjects pertaining to the status of current matters involving academics. Both are knowledgeable on the characteristics, organization, and nature of the academic environment of the SKHS and ensures this information available to those who are seeking it.


equity and wellness commissioner

The Equity and Wellness Commissioner is responsible for ensuring equitable, inclusive and safe practices for both PHE and KIN students - addressing concerns about inclusivity, sexual violence, and mental health. This role also chairs the PHE/KIN Equity and Wellness Committee.


year representatives

All Year Representatives serve as an informative outlet for all PHEKSA, SKHS, or PHE/KIN-related updates and voice for their respective peers. Other key duties include planning/fundraising for the Year-End Formal (Third Year Representatives), and organizing the Kingston Historic Hockey Tournament (Fourth Year Representatives).


the assembly

The Assembly is responsible for promoting and directing the interests of the PHEKSA community by providing the appropriate programs, services, and/or representation for its individuals. The Assembly shall consist of both The Council and the following positions:


intern to the executive

The Intern to the Executive takes minutes at all PHEKSA meetings and whenever required as deemed by The Executive. In addition, the Intern to the Executive works with the IAC during the PHEKSA election/hiring process and assists the Executive in any other tasks required.


communications commissioners

The Jr. and Sr. Communications Commissioners are responsible for the advertisement of all PHEKSA-related information and events via website or other social media means. In addition, both roles work to arrange Year Photos and professional Head Shots during the school year.


outreach commissioners

The Jr. and Sr. Outreach Commissioners act as liaisons between peers, alumni, and the Kingston community. Both run several different programs and events to connect students, alumni, and community members. Together, they create meaningful relationships between these groups and increase the cohesiveness of the PHE/KIN community.


athletics commissioners

The Jr. Athletics Commissioners organize the Annual PHE/KIN Ski Trip, which occurs in January. While this event requires an extensive amount of planning months in advance, these roles also plan a sports tournament by the end of the school year.

The Sr. Athletics Commissioner is granted the honour of representing the SKHS as the captain of the Kinesiology (KIN) Games team. This event is the largest annual, student-run, and undergraduate kinesiology conference in Canada. The KIN Games provides opportunities for hundreds of students across the country to be integrated into the KIN community through leadership, mentorship, volunteer opportunities, participation, and involvement. The Sr. Athletics Commissioner is responsible for being the liaison between the SKHS team and the KIN Games Association, as well as planning flights, transportation, fundraisers, uniforms, and volunteer work before the event begins.


merchandise commissioner

The Merchandise Commissioner organizes the sales of PHE/KIN- specific clothing for the entire faculty in both the Fall and Winter Terms. This includes the advertisement and facilitation of merchandise orders, as well as their organization and distribution upon arrival.


coach's corner editor

The Coach's Corner Editor is responsible for compiling the most recent and noteworthy updates within the PHE/KIN community, as well as serve as a creative outlet for the student body to be featured in a monthly issue.


social commissioneR

The Social Commissioner oversees the organization and advertising of numerous events throughout the year. Through fundraising efforts, this role works with other committees and organizations on campus, and makes connections with various businesses in the community and individuals within the PHE/KIN program.


the membership

Members of PHEKSA include both Honorary and Ordinary members. All students at Queen’s who apply and pay for their membership and are accepted by the PHEKSA Assembly are to be in a position to contribute to its objectives.

Ordinary members include all students currently registered in PHE or KIN within the SKHS.

Honorary members include any staff, faculty, or graduate of the SKHS. Honorary Membership is denoted by possession of a letter received from, and signed by the PHEKSA President. Any Director of the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies is automatically an Honorary Lifetime Member.